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Melodiam Decretum



                         He hadn’t been able to fully immerse himself in the joy of playing an instrument quite like this in a long time, having been busy either his academic works, his new job as a soldier or just plain saving humanity from those who endanger its peace. Thankfully Minato hasn’t lost any of his skill in handling the violin, as a hiatus in handling one that lasted a decade can do some serious damage to the musician. Both hands, smooth in movement, continued the harmonious melody that rung through the air, as if the heavens had opened up and played its resonating sonata to the rest of the world.

                        Apparently, it did have an effect like that to the nearby patrons, as by ones, by pairs and by groups an audience began to accumulate in front of the two blue-haired violinists; he himself did not mind at all, so as long as they were enjoying the little free show that they did out of a whim of reliving past memories with the help of the stringed musical instrument that was on his shoulder. When the final note had come and gone, the audience around them gave a rousing ovation and applause, standing as a testament to how much they enjoyed the song, no matter how melancholy the ambiance of the piece was.

                       ”Looks like a lot of of people seemed to enjoy our little show, Miki.” He stood beside her in the center, basking in the appreciation alongside Sayaka. Leaning down, he then shot a smile at the sword-wielding Puella Magi, one intention in mind that he wanted to enact with her approval. “Should we give them more for them to enjoy? An encore?”

Sayaka opened her eyes, a bit surprised at the crowd that had gathered, honestly. She felt a tinge of embarrassment. She had been so wrapped up in things that she hadn’t even noticed the people gathering around to listen to the duo. 

Though, at the same time, she felt a sense…pride, maybe? Something good, she knew. Even despite all the negativity weighing heavy on her conscience and heart lately, at least for this little while, she felt a swelling sense of lightness, knowing these people were cheering for the music tht she had a part in.

Glancing at Minato, she gave a small smile, and nodded, light blush from being watch so heavily like this still apparent. “Mm…I wouldn’t be against that, if you aren’t either, Minato-san.”

— Swords & Shields [@Homukami]


Homura shifted her daughter into her right arm, as Sayaka spoke, allowing her circular shield to appear on her left forearm with a bright flash of purple light.

"I understand. It is a useful tool, especially if you are in danger… But the ability to control time is not for everyone. Still… I would like you to promise me that you will not hesitate to use this power, should it be a matter of life or death- for you or any other."

She reached out to tap her index finger against he centre of the shield, purple eyes watching it very closely.

"To stop time, you must turn the front plate 90 degrees counter-clockwise. Doing so will drain magic from your Soul Gem, until you should either disengage the mechanism yourself, or it ends due to it’s own, internal processes."


Yeah, it seemed like it would be a useful last resort tool should she need to get out of a bad jam. Or get anyone else out. She supposed that was why she needed to know about it, primarily. If anything, for the people that she needed to keep safe.

"Counter-clockwise…" Sayaka repeated quietly, glancing down at the shield. "I see…" Another reason why she could only depend on it as a last resort. She figured it would take magic to run such techniques. It’d be a heavy drain on her, even not being the creator of the shield. Probably more of a drain if anything.

— Same Name, Different Face [@Homu!Sayaka]


Homura didn’t even respond at Sayaka’s statement about interrogating her. She simply gave a shrug, though she still didn’t want to come across as hostile or anything bad to the girl. And well, she was precisely interrogating her, wasn’t she? She wasn’t so tactful when it came to her alternates. Was that something she would need to work on? Who knows.

"I see. That confirms what I thought, but… she simply gave it to you? No reason at all?" Homura furrowed her eyebrows and tilted her head slightly. How weird. Had that variant simply gave up on her mission? Was it something else? She pondered this, but choose to back off a little especially considering her alternate probably didn’t know much from the sounds of it.

"It’s too bad you don’t know how to use it properly though. It’s an useful tool in battle and could get you out of dangerous situations, for both you and your possible partner."

The next explaination really piked Homura’s interest. She was already thinking on what Sayaka meant. She could guess on it, 

"Well… whetever you’re new or not, it’s kind of like you’re back to being new in a way, isn’t it? You know the basics, but you might need to re-learn everything else." She pulled her sword away and clicked it against the pavement, her other hand resting on her hip.


"This is the last question. By returning magi… what do you mean exactly? I have a possibility on my mind, but I want to know if it’s wrong or not. After this, I will tell you who I am and why I approached you, if you want.” She paused, tapping her foot this time. “…And I can help you train, if you need it. I don’t mind lending a hand.”

Besides, it seemed like it would be really fun to, anyway.

"I suppose…I’m still familiar with my own abilities, but it’s newer ones and some older complicated techniques I think I need to work on most…" Sayaka sighed, before looking off to the side. 

Come out and just say it, Sayaka. “I escaped my contract for a while. Ah…specifically, through death. Even if you’re not…exactly Homura Akemi, I do believe you must already know about my name and who I am.” She frowned a little bit, looking back at the strange raven haired girl. “I contracted recently, again. With a different incubator…for a different wish, as well.” She paused a moment once again.

"Does that answer your question?"

— Re - Connect [@Hitomi]



So Sayaka’s parents didn’t know. How could Sayaka leave such an important part of her out of her life? Especially when by the looks of it if it weren’t for Sakura-san, who knows what would have happened to her. When she thought back about the sudden and abrupt departure of the city, she had thought that Sayaka had gone… crazy or something. Or that something terrible had happened. 

"Sayaka-san, I’m going to be dreadfully honest with you again." Hitomi starts. And Sayaka already knows from last time that sometimes her honesty wasn’t all the best. But it was best to keep things straight forward sometimes. Especially in situations like this. She clears her throat and stares at the girl, green eyes fixed on blue ones. It took her a moment to get her words correctly.

"I wouldn’t want such an important thing to be kept from me. Especially from my daughter. And I don’t know how long you two have been together, I do know that the longer you keep this lie, the harder it will be to say. And when you do… it’ll only cause fallout."

"I…" Sayaka paused, lips shutting tight as she thought about it. She sighed quietly, rubbing the back of her neck.

"Like I said, it’s something that I’m gonna work on very soon. Honestly at this point…it’s gonna cause fallout one way or another. The only thing I’m worried about anymore is telling them in the first place. But Kyoko and I have already discussed it plenty. I know I’ve got to let them know, and I plan on doing just that." Hitomi didn’t know all the reasons why they knew they needed to tell though. 

She just faintly wondered if Hitomi would even be accepting of any of those reasons. Especially the primary one being a whole additional life she has to take care of.

- - - a b e r t a m (@Sayaka)



"Right, right!" Nagisa declares with a little nod. Her own soul gem materializes in her palm soon enough, the small candy shaped gem occasionally pulsing with a faint glow. Yeah, there was one somewhere around here… not too close though, thankfully. There’d be no sneak attacks. 

"Muu… is it… to the left? I can’t really tell… it keeps getting fainter…  "

Sayaka looked around, trying to follow the glow of her soul gem. “I think so…come on. If it gets weaker, we’ll back track and try the other way.” Sayaka suggested, as she headed down the street. Hm, the glow was staying a little bit steady. Maybe they were going the right way after all? 

It probably wasn’t a powerful witch to begin with. 

"Looks like it’s up here. You ready should we manage to run into it?" She asked, glancing at the smaller girl. She knew virtually nothing about this magi, so she wasn’t even sure who she was hunting here with, after all.

— Unknowing [@Nio]

Sayaka had to admit, she was a little bit relieved at how calm and quiet things had been for a while. Maybe it was a little bit boring at times, but that was fine in exchange for some extra safety. It made her everyday life a little easier, at that.

Yawning, Sayaka shifted the couple of bags in her hands as she headed home from the store. Just things she needed for herself, and Momo. Stopping to glance at her watch, her eyes drifted off to the side, a stranger nearby who seemed intent on the crowd. And for a moment, herself as well. 

"Ah…you seem like you’re wondering about something." She said out loud finally. Didn’t hurt to start conversation, did it? You never know, maybe she needed some assistance. "Need any help with anything? Seems like you’re confused about something."

— Same Name, Different Face [@Homu!Sayaka]


Homura appeared to smirk slightly when their weapons hit. There was something nice about the notion of fighting herself. She made a small hum and leaned in closer to her variant’s face, keeping their weapons close. If Sayaka carefully inspected her, she would probably see blue in her seemingly purple eyes.

"Confused, are we? Don’t worry, you wouldn’t be the first." She glanced away to look between the shields thoughtfully. "Not bad… I thought you would use your regular shield to block my attack though."


"I have a question for you, variant, where did you get that shield? Your signature doesn’t match with mine at all. Am I right to assume you don’t even know how to use it? Are you a new magical girl, by any chance?” A light frown appeared on her features as she gestured towards Sayaka’s timeshield, tilting her head while waiting for an answer. “Answer my questions and then maybe we can have a proper introduction. Does that sound good?”

Right to the questions? Sayaka hardly understood what was going on. She hadn’t even done anything to start this. 

"I’ll answer your questions if you don’t shoot them at me like you’re interrogating me…" Sayaka started, frowning in return as she stepped back, lowering her sword. "The shield came from…an acquaintance. The Akemi of my timeline. Simply given to me. No, I don’t know how to use it too well. I know what it does, but I’m still getting used to how it works." Hell she doesn’t even want to rely on it.

"And no. I am not. I’m rusty, is all. I’m more…a returning magi, not a new one.”