Kyoko nodded before following behind Sayaka into the apartment, making sure to gently shut the door behind her so that they wouldn’t wake up the baby when they entered inside. The lancer remained quiet until the gaze from her crimson eyes fell upon the girl’s sleeping baby, a light smile appearing on Kyoko’s normally rough expression. She didn’t know why but just seeing the baby made her feel a little less anxious about the knowledge that she was going to have a child as well. It was almost like the atmosphere around them had changed.


"W-Wow…shes…shes cute. Is that how all babies look when their this old?…"

The baby already had small strands of purple hair growing on her head, sleeping soundly at the moment sans the occasional small and sleepy coo in her sleep. 

"Mm, she is. Mostly when she’s asleep." Sayaka joked a little bit. "She’s just over a year old, honestly…not too old. Babies can be pretty damn adorable though. But they’ve…heh, they’ve got that special shine just in your eyes when they’re your own, you know?" She smiled at Kyouko. "Like yours will, I’m sure. Mm, her name’s Momo." She told Kyouko, glancing at her, curious about her reaction to the name.


"Her? Who is ‘her’?" Kyoko asked as she was dragged along by Sayaka, chuckling to herself at how excited the other girl seemed to be. It was almost amusing to the redhead at this point.


"Wait…does this mean that ya have a baby? Is that who ya are gonna show me? An is that why yer able ta help me out?"

Stopping at the apartment building entrance, Sayaka glanced at Kyouko, and then chuckled awkwardly, rubbing the back of her head. 

"Mm…yes. I wasn’t sure if you’d’ve caught on by now or not." Ushering Kyouko inside, she continued to lead the way to her apartment, explaining on the way. "It’s with one of your alternates. I won’t lie, it was hard at first…doesn’t help that she’s got her mothers’ genes." Sayaka laughed again, unlocking the door. She had an emergency babysitter…that she was fairly sure no one knew about just yet, so leaving to run an errand like she had, wasn’t too bad. 

"She’s probably asleep, so be careful, yeah?" She warned, before leading Kyouko into the apartment and where she let Momo sleep in her crib.

Isn’t the Momo they’re caring for like

a year or two years old by now I don’t remember which


I’m p sure they did a thing I just can’t remember if it was actually on the 20th

I was about to say ‘hEY DIDN’T WE MISS MELODIAM’S BIRTHDAY’ a few days ago and guess what we all did.

melodiam’s birthday has been missed one way or another

two years in a row



"Really? Thank ya, Sayaka…" Kyoko grinned back in response before her expression changed into a curious one once Sayaka spoke again, following after the other girl as quick as she could.


"Yer gonna show me someone? Where are we goin’?" 

"My place, of course. She’s staying there for a bit, so that’s where I gotta take you." Sayaka nodded, dragging the redhead along as she headed for her own apartment. 

"Just wait, okay? You’re gonna end up seeing her sooner or later anyway, I’m sure. Especially if you want my help." She said with a small laugh.

my realization remembered that kyo is a continuation of momosakuwa literally made me start spewing curse words out loud

melodiam is like me

happy and giddy to see stuffed animals for her birthday


"I dunno how ta prepare for this though. This obviously has never happened ta me before so I have no idea…" Kyoko sighed, smiling lightly up at Sayaka in response to the pat on her shoulder before she grew quiet, mulling over the words that the other girl had directed towards her.  


"I think I…would like ya ta help me out with this whole process. I know I have my girlfriend with me ta help but…it would be nice ta have someone else there too ya know? That way I would feel better ‘bout the whole situation." 

"Friends are important. Especially supportive ones. I’ll be one for you, okay?" Sayaka chuckled. "So you’ve got it. My help, that is." 

Thinking about it a moment, Sayaka then smiled, and motioned for Kyouko to follow her. “Come on, let’s go. I wanna show you someone, okay?”