Conturbatio Decretum
Sayaka Miki, currently residing in Mitakihara with her family. Through the process of revival, was no longer a magi, but a normal human being. However, recontracted through Nameless.
[OOC posts, triggers, and nsfw are tagged when necessary, and this muse is OC and multi-fandom friendly]

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~Sayaka's Scarlet Knight~
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insignificentyuuri replied to your post: insignificentyuuri replied to your post: “Wait…

“I made holographs of you telling people where to go!”

"Oh? Well…that’s actually a good idea, when I think about it. Thank you Yuuri-san! People have been getting lost in there too often. I know my way around now but I can’t go find them all myself. So this’ll definitely help…"